We think the very rare KT-6040 was sold only in Europe and Asia.

75 24-07-01 22:10

We think the very rare KT-6040 was sold only in Europe and Asia. Finding one on eBay-U.S. will be tough, because we've only seen a couple for sale in many years (one sold for $265 in 6/09). Our contributor Jeroen reports: "The KT-6040 was the successor of the KT-7020, which was the higher model of the KT-5020. The 6040 is an excellent tuner and, as mentioned by someone else, a sleeper. It is, IMHO, superior to both the 5020 and the 7020, with the 7020 being superior to the 5020. I've checked the schematics of the KT-5020 and the KT-6040, and I see many differences. The 6040 has 5 gangs (I think), 8 ceramic filters and 3 IC filters, and the distortion cancelling circuit is much more complicated. Also the MPX chip is better in the 6040 (LA3450) then in the 5020 (LA3401). The 5020 has a combined AM/FM IF IC (LA1266), while the 6040 uses seperate IC's (LA1235 and LA1245). The KT-6040 is a new design, stepping away from both the KT-5020 and the KT-7020/KT-990D." Our contributor Rudy adds, "I also recently owned the KT-6040 and it's a definite sleeper. In stock form, it's already excellent for both sonic and DX performance. This should be a top-rated digital tuner, on par with the Yamaha T-85." And our contributor Sinan says, "I never heard a tuner with a better S/N ratio! Also extremely low distortion with an amazingly quiet background, but the Sony ST-S555ES has the edge in detail and stage width/depth."