[MUSIC SHARE] But Now I'm Back - Pink Martini

573 22-02-02 21:33

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[ar:Pink Martini]
[ti:But Now I'm Back]
[00:00.000]But Now I'm Back - Pink Martini (红粉马天尼)
[00:20.321]My dear Maria
[00:21.477]I'm here to see ya
[00:22.665]Won't you please  please open the door
[00:24.913]请你不要这样 请开开门
[00:24.913]I brought ya flowers
[00:26.729]Been waitin' hours
[00:27.665]Can't stand it anymore
[00:29.977]So here's what happened
[00:31.284]While you were nappin'
[00:32.433]I just went out for a snack
[00:34.894]I was feelin' famished
[00:36.522]And then I vanished   
[00:38.932]But now I'm back
[00:41.560]Now he's back
[00:43.936]Had a snack
[00:46.383]Now he's back
[00:48.772]My heart is burning
[00:50.264]For that love of ours
[00:52.643]For that sea of stars
[00:54.017]Let me in so I can prove to you
[00:59.108]That no one else
[01:00.235]Can love you  girl
[01:01.168]The way that I do
[01:03.544]Oh  how I miss ya
[01:04.735]I wanna kiss ya
[01:06.108]And hold you close
[01:06.922]From dusk untill dawn
[01:08.608]So let's just make up
[01:09.856]And when you wake up
[01:11.108]能爱我吗 女孩
[01:11.108]I promise not to be gone
[01:13.232]You know I love ya
[01:14.488]Dream only of ya
[01:15.859]哦 我多么想你啊
[01:15.859]So please  please cut me some slack
[01:18.296]I went away
[01:19.484]Just a couple of days   
[01:22.479]But now I'm back
[01:24.852]Now he's back
[01:27.164]Cut him slack
[01:29.229]Now he's back
[01:58.432]Maria  baby 
[01:59.746]I guess that maybe
[02:00.824]You're still a little angry with me
[02:03.199]But it's getting late and
[02:04.511]The boys are waitin'
[02:05.824]Gotta get something to eat
[02:07.836]I better go now
[02:09.211]I hope you know now
[02:10.652]I love you  that is a fact
[02:13.089]Gotta hurry
[02:14.465]But don't you worry  babe   
[02:16.864]Cause I'll be back
[02:20.792]He'll be back
[02:22.669]It's a fact
[02:25.416]He'll be back
[02:27.931]Don't attack   


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